Friday, October 06, 2006

Brief History

Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative is an agricultural multi-purpose cooperative, duly registered with CDA, located at the heart of barangay Lamac, Pinamungajan, Cebu. The Former Lamac Samahang Nayon which was organized by 70 farmers and has initial capital of only 3,500 pesos way back 1973. Barngay Lamac is a far flung barangay, a barangay previously no roads, no electricity, no potable water and now it became a self-sustained community thru the spirit of the cooperative movement. Presently it is operating in the whole province of Cebu with 11 business offices.

Lamac is a secluded and isolated valley southwest of Cebu; 14km. to the town of Pinamungajan and 42 km. via Lutopan to the City of Cebu.
Lamac populace was mostly farmers whose problem was to acquire their basic needs and services. Hence, barangay Lamac before was without roads only trails; without electricity, only kerosene lamps that dotted the darkness like fireflies; without tap and potable water, only deepwell and spring; no transportation of any kind, except their two feet which had grown callous to the thorny and dangerous trails as the main vehicle to transport basic needs and produce of the community.

It's so timely that the Department of Local Government and Community Development (DLGCD) had a program to organize farmers into an association called "Samahang Nayon"; which give birth to Lamac Samahang Nayon in the year 1973. Orientation training was conducted to at least 70 participants who were mostly tenant - tillers and small farm owners. They had contributed an initial capital of P50.00 per member. From the small beginning of P3,500.00, they had started the operation of Consumer/Marketing Services and volunteer members ran this.

From its creation as a Samahang Nayon, it garnerd several awards. Management of various projects was succesful until 1986 when the financial status of the coop decline due to various management snd leadership problems. Since the Samahang Nayon (SN) projects became diversified, the management found it difficult to handle the operation. It was timely, that the group of young local professionals and college levels organized themselves in the name "Barangay Lamac Organization on Management Effectiveness System Inc." (BLOMES Inc.) to assist the organizations of the barangay in terms of technical assistance. This group was requested by the management to assist in running the cooperative. Gradually, the LSN was rehabilitated with the assistance of fellow cooperative leaders from CPCUI.

Nevertheless, on March 13, 1992 the Samahang Nayon was transformed and registerd into a full pledge multi-purpose cooperative under the BLOMES Inc. management. henceforth, LMPC became a multi-awarded cooperative with united members, competent, committed and credible BOD, officers and staff.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Awards and Citations

1. Most Outstanding SN Regional Level (1974)
2. 9th Placer: Most Outstanding SN, Nat'l Level (1975)
3. Most Outstanding SN, Provincial Level (1981)
4. Most Outstanding SN, Regional Level (1982)
5. First Runner Up: Most Outstanding SN (1985)

As Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative >> 1992-Present

1. LBP Gawad Pitak: 3rd, Regional Level (1994)
2. LBP Gawad Pitak: 2nd, National Level (1995)
3. RCBC Gawad Sikap: 1st, National Level (1995)
4. LBP Gawad Pitak: 4th, National Level (1996)
5. LBP Gawad Pitak: 4th, Best Coop Citizenship (1996)
6. DTI Tulong sa Tao, Provincial Level (1996)
7. LBP Gawad Pitak: 2nd, National Level (1997)
8. Model Filipino Organization Mithi Award by Filipino Inc. (1997)
9. Top Performer in Savings Mob. CARE-Phils. (1997)
10. LIVECOR 2nd Kabuhayan Award, 3rd Place (1998)
11. LBP Gawad Pitak: Best Coop Citizenship (1998)
12. LBP Gawad Pitak: First Place National Level (1998)
13. Ulirang Kooperatiba Award, CUP (1998)
14. RAFI - Most Outstanding Institution First Triennial Award-VisMin (2000)
15. CARE Phils. Good MAP Performer (2000)
16. CDA Most Outstanding Agri Coop Prov'l & Reg'l Level(2000)(2001)(2002)(2003)
18. CARE Phils. Outstanding Performance Award 1st Place-Natl Level (2001)
19. CDA Most Outstanding Agri Coop 2nd Place-Nat'l Level (2001)
20. CISP-Coop Service Award (2002)
21. CDA Most Outstanding Agri Coop 1st Place-Nat'l Level (2002)
22. Hall of Fame - CARE Phils. (2002)
23. Hall of Fame - LBP Gawad Pitak (2002)
24. CLPA Recognition Award (2003)
25. CLPA 1st Place Municipal Category - Nat'l Level (2003)
26. LBP Key Cooperative Award (2003)
27. LBP Ginintuang Gawad Pitak Award (2003)
28. CISP Coop Service Award - Region VII (2003)
29. PCFC Outreach Achievement Award (2003)
30. LBP Loyalty Award (2003)
31. CDA Most Outstanding Agri-Cooperative (2004)
32. CUP Recognition Award - Double Hall of Fame (2004)
33. SEAD Financial Sustainability Award SEAD (2005)

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Open an Account?

A. Regular Savings Deposit

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To strongly respond the socio-economic needs of people in the countryside through efficient and expanded program and services.


An image builder, financially stable cooperative providing services to sustainable communities.


1. Financial sustainability with adherence to industry standards.
2. Membership outreach and expansion of areas of operation.
3. Human reource development designed for officers and staff.
4. Systems and procedures installation.
5. Electronic networking and online banking services.
6. New projects development and full operation of exisitng non-financial services.



I - Integrity
T - Trustworthiness
R - Respect
U - Unity
E - Equality


5. NCM